All massage treatments start with a steam towel over the feet to help cleanse the feet and stimulate the thousands of nerve ending. Warmed heat packs are placed in the palms and either the stomach or back to warm the senses and muscle tissues. After the massage water or an organic herbal tea of your choice is provided in the waiting area where you can re-gather, re-hydrate and finalize your treatment. We aim to stimulate all your senses when experiencing a body treatment with us, smell, sight, sound and touch and we have put together truly beautiful treatments that promote and stimulate these which when evoked have been proven to aid in healing, repairing and giving clients the ultimate in relaxation experience.


Back Massage | 30mins 60 

A real treat for sore tired backs, this back treatment begins with steam towels over back and feet, essential oils are then pressed into the sole of feet and back area to help start immediate relaxation. Back, neck and shoulders are massaged and again steam toweled at end of treatment.

Relaxation Massage | 60mins 100

A full body massage beginning at the toes and working the entire length of the body through to the head. Drift off to the peacefulness and touch of your therapist’s hands. Essential oils are used as well as steam towels to start and finish the treatment.

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