At inskin medi spa we are constantly striving to ensure that we have the best retail products possible for our clients. When our clients come in for treatments they are always welcomed to changing product displays and new products to keep up to date with relevant industry trends as well as ingredients. Our products and brands represent who we are and what we believe in, and we at inskin medi spa we ourselves use the products at home too! We believe in our products and trust that they will help to deliver results for out clients, like they do for us. The brands and products that we stock are of a cosmeceutical grade, meaning that the products have the ability to affect and change the structure and function of skin, so effectively we are treating the skin and the skin concerns instead of just applying a product that doesn’t contain the necessary active ingredients at high concentrations to derive results it just sits on the surface in-effective and the client is wasting their money!

The questions that you should ask with any product are before you purchase are;

Who makes it and where is it manufactured?

What does the product contain?- what are the actives and at what percentages are they?

Where are the clinical papers to support their claims?

Does the product have the ability to affect the structure and function of the skin? – in other words can the product do what it claims it can do knowing what you know ?

Official Stockists

We are official stockists of all our brands that we stock in the clinic. Which means we have

completed the necessary product knowledge training so that we can confidently use and

recommend the products as well as understand how they work and most importantly how they are to be used and applied to the skin. We can also give expert tips on how best to use the products in relation to your skin.

We offer all clients skin consultations that are complimentary and with this we can also prescribe skincare products that can be used specifically to treat and target your skin concerns.

You can rest assured that when you purchase products from us that they are genuine products with long expiration dates that have come direct from the authorised distributors or the brands themselves. When using cosmeceutical grade products it is always recommended that you get expert advice, we are only to happy to help clients choose the most suitable skincare as well as how to use the products properly in clinic.


PAYOT has created product lines to address specific and individual skin care needs, including blemishes, irritations, dehydration, devitalised skin and a dull complexion. The brand makes a conscious effort to ensure their unique formulations provide a high level of effectiveness, whilst still remaining pleasant with aromas and textures. With a wide range of skincare products, PAYOT is a luxury brand for ultimate beauty and well-being used by day spas and beauty salons around the world. Dr. Nadia Payot revolutionised the world of cosmetics in 1927 with this quality range of products and specific methods of treatment. Herbs, plants and minerals – the source of life – are the pillars of Dr. Payot’s laboratory research and the basis of the products’ ingredients.


Medik8 is dedicated to producing high quality skincare products with the best ingredients at the right strengths, and with a proven track record. The brand has tailored lines for specific skin solutions. You may have heard of the term ‘professional’ products. This essentially means that the products are sold through professional outlets such as doctor’s offices, skincare clinics, medical and premium spas, plus a select number of specialist websites that deal with professional brands. Medik8 is a professional brand. Medik8’s team represents over 40 years combined experience in skincare research and product formulation.


Dr. Ronald L. Moy, founder, renowned scientist, researcher, dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon, has dedicated his life’s work to understanding the impact of photo damage on skin’s health and aging. Dr. Moy has gained international acclaim through his unwavering commitment to pursuing innovation in the field of skin care. His decades of expertise in landmark clinical research studying growth factors, photobiology, solar damage, and cell repair, along with his visionary techniques of treating aging and photodamaged skin, has led to one simple yet highly effective philosophy – Repair the past, Protect the future. Today, DNA EGF Renewal marks the culmination of his passion to create a clinically proven regimen that effectively repairs photodamaged aging skin.