June 03, 2019


Brow parlours are springing up like mushrooms, the sales of brow kits are soaring, and brow tutorials are taking over social media – is this peek- brow-behaviour? We chatted to some of Australia’s finest in brow treatments to see what’s up and coming

Jacqueline Brennan, Director Inskin Medi Spa,

How have brow services changed since you started out in the industry?

I started working in the 1990s and eyebrows were majorly plucked, with thin shapes defining the faces of models like Kate Moss. The new eyebrow trend we can’t get enough of is Microblading, a tattoo technique that fills brows out or reshapes them by drawing on tiny lines that look like individual hairs. However, clients now want their brows to look as naturally full and low maintenance as possible.

Inskin Medi Spa before and after

How have brow clients changed?

Clients ask for a full brow with little visible product, fewer steps and less definition. Instead, it’s all about a fluffy/I woke up like this brow. This includes semi-permanent tattooing; clients want their brows to

look undone, however they want to achieve a desired brow with less work in the morning.

What’s the most popular brow treatment you offer?
A brow tint can give clients more dimension and help it look thicker. Tinting is great
for people who have fine or transparent hair to make them look fuller, especially if you’re sick of filling them in every day; it’s maximum effect for minimum maintenance. The results are immediate and last up to 3-4 weeks.

What’s the trendiest brow shape of 2019?
Make-up trends come and go, however, classic natural-looking full eyebrows are perennially chic.

Most of our clients, I find, particularly in Australia, want to keep their brows thicker in width, softer in colour and gentler in shape – natural brows looking natural. I think clients are happier to work with what they have and have their brows shaped, coloured and styled to what suits their faces and will give them the most flattering look.