Body and Soul talk Laser Genesis

December 10, 2018

‘I tried the lunchtime laser treatment Kendall Jenner loves’

And no joke, it really works.Jessica 4, 20189:41am

If it’s good enough for Kendall. Image: Instagram.Source:BodyAndSoul

Reader, I’ve made no secret of my relentless quest to obtain ‘beauty blogger skin‘.

You know what I’m talking about: dewy, glowy, au naturel. The pillowy-look constantly flooding our feeds. And apparently, much like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, frustratingly elusive without a filter.

I’ve slathered on night creams with reckless abandon, flirted with facials and upped my water intake ten-fold – sadly, to no avail. Of course, these efforts have probably been somewhat sabotaged by my equal lust for a glass of vino, sporadic skincare regime and repeated failure to remove my makeup before a sweaty F45 class.

Yet, with all the faith of a priest, I continue to hold out hope.

When I heard about this new laser treatment, I’ll admit, I was sceptical at first. The idea of letting anyone loose near my face with a laser is not typically something that bodes well with me, for starters. But, like any wannabe beauty blogger, I was willing to put my face on the line. I’d heard enough banter from those in the know about the wonders of laser, not to mention this particular treatment being thrown around as the laser du jour favoured by celebs, including bright-skinned Kendall Jenner herself. And if it’s good enough for Kendall and her Kardashian entourage, surely it’s good enough for me.

Laser Gensis changed my skin, really. Image: Supplied.

Laser Gensis changed my skin, really. Image: Supplied.Source:BodyAndSoul

What is Laser Genesis exactly?

Unlike some lasers, Laser Genesis doesn’t require the usual gels and painkillers prior to treatment, being touted instead as more gentle and even “relaxing”. “By gently heating the upper layer of the dermis well below the skin’s surface, Laser Genesis stimulates collagen regrowth. Additional heat is generated in dilated capillaries to reduce redness,” explains Jacqueline Brennan, owner of Neutral Bay’s Inskin Medispa.

According to Brennan, the basic difference between ablative (e.g. Fractional Laser) and non-ablative (e.g. Laser Genesis) treatments is that the former remove the top layer of skin, while latter works by heating up the underlying skin tissue (without harming the surface) so that your body will produce new collagen. In layman’s terms, this basically means you can walk out of there event-ready, rather than looking like you’re wearing a giant I just had laser sign on your forehead.

Inskin Medispa in Neutral Bay. Image: Instagram.

Inskin Medispa in Neutral Bay. Image: Instagram.Source:BodyAndSoul

What are the benefits?

There are plenty. “Laser genesis uses non-invasive laser technology to improve skin clarity and achieve a vibrant even skin tone and smooth texture. It can treat scars, uneven texture, redness, fine line wrinkles and large pores,” Brennan tells me. Plus, it’s quick: in and out in 60 minutes, which basically means, you can squeeze it into a lunch break. Brennan recommends getting the treatment every four to six weeks for the best results.

Does it really work?

In a word: yes.

I recently visited Inskin Medispa to try it out for myself. While some people do report feeling uncomfortable during the treatment, I was one of the lucky ones who found it incredibly relaxing – like a facial with the warm sun on your face. But let’s talk results. Is this the $370 answer to my search for that Insta-worthy glow? Well, if I may be so bold, I would say it comes pretty close. Straight away, I noticed my skin looked and felt better. Even without makeup.

And then came the compliments; people started commenting on how clear and healthy my skin looked. While it might not be enough to escalate my career as a beauty influencer (TBC), it is definitely the best treatment I’ve had and, quite possibly, the end to my search.