Facialist Jacqueline Brennan answering skincare Questions

January 22, 2019

What’s the biggest factor that affects the way skin looks?

Everything! Your lifestyle. Your diet.

Do you have a favorite SPF?

I love Medik8 Physical Sunscreen protection SPF 30. I mix it with my moisturizer every morning. I would never advise anyone to use anything stronger than 30.

Why is that?

You have more and more protection packed there, more ingredients, and more possibility of irritation. So I would advise to reapply as much as you can. 

Can you give us a beauty blueprint? What should we all be using?

I love oil cleansers because oil dissolves oil and my skin even in my fifties is still congested. My favourite is Payot Huile Fondante Demaquillante oil cleanser. Simply stunning.

When should we use all of these products?

I emphasise nighttime skincare. I think your skin is about sixty percent more potent to absorb everything at the relaxation time. And this is also the most regenerating time during relaxation. Most importantly cleanse your skin at night and do all the steps of preparation.

Should this start the minute you get home or before bed?

If your night starts at six, if you are already watching your shows or reading your book, why not apply your routine as early as you can . 

Could you tell me an easy tip to do at home?

For home, consistency is key.

Massage your skin.  

When you massage your skin, you are moving all the body fluids around and dispersing oxygen and nutrients. I am a huge fan of facial massage, I include this in all my skin treatments and I adore having my own face massaged. There is nothing more relaxing!