October 02, 2018

They call it the Hollywood facial because EVERY {pretty much} celebrity gets laser genesis before big events,   we use at Inskin Medi spa is from California. 

It’s their biggest Hollywood secret, other than shaving their face (dermaplaning also available at Inskin Medi Spa

So now I’m thinking okay, let’s TRY it. If these girls get it done all the time and the full effects actually take 6 treatments total then I can try it.

At Inskin we recommend Laser Genesis which combines exfoliation, with a 20% Glycolic treatment to thoroughly refresh and smooth the skin. To target anti-ageing concerns we also include our Healite Led Light Therapy which works beneath the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production for a noticeably plump, radiant complexion.

A Laser Genesis Facial uses non-invasive laser technology to improve skin clarity and achieve a vibrant even skin tone and smooth texture. It can treat scars, uneven texture, redness, fine line wrinkles and large pores. 

What to expect from your Laser Genesis Treatment?

Before starting the treatment, your therapist thoroughly cleanses your face, a double cleansing routine along with a steam session to open the pores. For Laser Genesis we would prescribed a series of six sessions that would span the next six months.

During the treatment both the therapist and client wear blackout goggles to protect our eyes from the laser.

To begin the treatment we start with our Glycolic Peel to remove any superficial dead skin and refresh your skin, followed by our Laser Genesis treatment. The Laser Genesis treatment itself takes about 20 minutes and feels like warm rain on your face. It’s actually a comfortable laser skin treatment!

Say goodbye to invasive painful laser skin treatments which cause redness, irritation and downtime.

The skin therapist will begin the treatment in sections starting on the cheeks before moving to the chin, then around the other side of the face and nose, and ending with the forehead. The forehead is the most sensitive, however at any stage of the treatment we can adjust the strength to make the treatment more comfortable.

The experience of the laser is nice. Most clients actually enjoy the heated sensation and your skin will feel hydrated, plump, and glowing after just one treatment.